WhatsApp will help you start chatting faster with your chosen contacts

02 May 2017
Many active users of messengers have probably had to deal with the difficulties that arise when searching for the right interlocutor among the huge number of chats. The situation is especially complicated by the constant change of their order in the list, which occurs in connection with the arrival of new messages. Therefore, the developers of WhatsApp have introduced in their creation a new feature that will allow to fix important chats at the top of the list.The corresponding feature appeared in the beta version of WhatsApp under the number 2.17.162. With its help, you can fix both individual and group chats at the very top of the list, which will allow to resume communication with the necessary people at any time, without having to find them. However, there is an innovation and disadvantage: you can fix only three chats. Since the new feature is still in the testing stage, it is possible that by the time of its implementation in the final version of the messenger, this number will be increased. It is worth adding that the developers of WhatsApp were not the first to offer users this opportunity. For example, in Viber you can anchor more than 10 favorite chats, and in Telegram a little less - only 5. Unfortunately, it is still unknown when WhatsApp users will be able to try out the new feature. Everyone will have to wait for the final release of the messenger version number 2.17.162.