Four messengers are blocked in Russia at once

03 May 2017
Many regular Internet users can no longer imagine life without all kinds of messengers. And this is not surprising, because they greatly facilitate not only communication with family and friends, but also help maintain business contacts. Nevertheless, it seems that some people will have to seek alternatives to the usual method of communication, since Roskomnadzor has blocked a whole range of messengers in our country.Users of the most popular messengers have nothing to fear yet: we are talking about programs with a relatively small audience among Russian users. For example, Imo, Line and BlackBerry Messenger, as well as the audio-visual chat Vchat, are blocked. According to Roskomnadzor spokesman Vadim Ampelonsky, the representatives of these messengers refused to comply with the requirements of the law "On Information, Information Technology and Information Protection". He also explained that the agency "systematically fills the register of organizers of information distribution". Under the blocking are those who refuse to eliminate the detected violations of Russian law. At the same time, the representative of Roskomnadzor did not specify what other messengers received requests from the agency and which of them may repeat the fate of Imo, Line, BlackBerry Messenger and Vchat. "You will find out everything as decisions are made regarding specific services," Ampelonsky said. It only remains to add that all users of the above messengers from Russia need to look for a new way to communicate online. Perhaps we should look at the most popular options, such as, for example, WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram.