VKontakte users will be able to share short videos using a special service

18 February 2019

Russia's top social network will create an analogue of the Chinese service TikTok.

Soon "VKontakte" plans to create a service for sharing short videos. According to media reports, it will not be a full copy of the application, popular in China, but they will have a lot of similar ones. The new service will be, in fact, a separate, but integrated into "Vkontakte" itself. Work on the application began a couple of months ago. The launch of the new development of "VK" is expected in the summer of this year.

How to name the new application is kept secret. However, we already know that it will be possible to create a Challenge (a few users will do something to music) or Battle (several people do the action together).

There is a version that "VKontakte" will make it possible to record their videos to the music - this is called lip-synching.

The new application from the well-known social network is an analogue of the popular in China TikTok, created by ByteDance in 2016. It is used by about 800 million people. However, the two services will definitely have differences.

According to some reports, in Russia, TikTok is at the top of the applications where users spend quite a lot of time.