Laptops are being purchased more often in Russia

15 February 2019

Russia sold 2.8 million laptops in retail stores in 2018. According to some data, this is 9% more than in 2017.

According to retailer M. Video - Eldorado, revenue from laptop sales rose sharply in 2018 to 97 billion rubles. - That's 21% more than before.

Россияне стали больше покупать ноутбуков

Experts say that laptop sales last year were the highest when looking at statistics since 2012. In this case, on average, the price of laptops rose by 12% - up to 34 500 rubles. Specialists explain this situation on the market as follows: at the moment, buyers give their preference for more powerful laptops and models, which can be used both to work and play, or to study. Now it is the change of the equipment, which was bought six years ago, experts say. According to them, the increase in the average price is due to the fact that the buyer is ready to pay for powerful equipment or take it in installments.

Russians have become more likely to buy appliances online. In 2018, online sales of laptops rose by 20%, and their average price rose to 39,000 rubles.

Residents of Russia prefer Lenovo, Acer, HP Inc., ASUS and Apple - 87% of all sales of portable computers.