Samsung is developing an unusual monoblock

15 February 2019

A South Korean group of companies is designing a monoblock with a very interesting design. The patent for such a device was made public by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The new Samsung invention is a desktop computer that has an unusual design.

Images of the monoblock leaked into the Web, where it is clear that its base will be in the form of a parallelepiped. However, Samsung has decided to make its ribs rounded. On top, above the base, there will be a display.

Новый моноблок от Samsung

The monoblock has an adjustable angle. At the top of the display there is a webcam peephole.

There are USB, HDMI and network cable connections on the base. Most likely, the speakers will also be built into the base.

The monoblock will be placed on a stand.

This patent from Samsung is more of a design patent. So far nothing is known about the technical characteristics of the monoblock.

There is also no information when the device will appear on the market.