AMD processor users may lose warranty if they change cooler

24 April 2018
For many people the process of replacing the cooling system that comes with the processor is probably something obvious and obligatory after the purchase. Indeed, unlike most third-party coolers, the complete copies do not always cope with their task. Nevertheless, it seems that many AMD processor users will now have to endure such inconveniences.The fact is that AMD has banned the installation of third-party coolers on boxed versions of its processors. Of course, the company is physically unable to prevent anyone from doing so, so anyone who replaces the cooling system will simply forfeit the warranty. The corresponding information was recently published on the company's website, in the support section. It's worth adding that the warranty may also be voided by attempting to overclock the processor. In this case, it does not matter what tools were used for this - proprietary software or third-party programs.