Google will abandon Allo in favor of a new service

23 April 2018
It has become known that Google will stop further development of the messenger Allo, which has never gained popularity among users. Instead, the company intends to present its new service soon.The Verge resource has shared the relevant information. According to the published information, after the closure of Allo, Google will switch the efforts of the team of messenger developers to work on Android Messaging. To be more precise, the company has started working on a new service Chat. It will be based on the RCS (Rich Communication Services) protocol and, according to expectations of the developers, will eventually be able to displace the SMS. Chat will be built directly into the Android Messages. It is expected that the new service will support group chats, a typing indicator, marks the reading of messages, as well as the ability to share photos and high-resolution video. On the other hand, we should not hope for the presence of end-to-end encryption support. The official announcement of the new service from Google will be held towards the end of this year. As for the timing of its introduction - they will depend on the mobile operators.