Windows Phone 8.1 users report problems syncing with OneDrive and OneNote

17 April 2017
These days, many people can no longer imagine life without some kind of cloud service. They are widely used both by ordinary users and representatives of the world's largest companies. Meanwhile, owners of gadgets running Windows Phone 8.1 have a unique opportunity to dive into the past and remember what life was like before the introduction of cloud data synchronization.Over the weekend, Microsoft support forum was literally filled with complaints from users about the inability to work with OneDrive. There have also been reports of problems with cloud data synchronization in OneNote and Office Mobile. It seems that the problem is only on Windows Phone 8.1 gadgets. Curiously, the bug affects only services from Microsoft, which has caused concern among some users about the possible withdrawal of further support for the outdated operating system. Nevertheless, Microsoft support employees have dispelled these concerns and assured users that the work on the identification of this bug and its further correction is already underway. All those who have encountered the inability to use the above services on devices affected by the bug are advised to wait a little longer.