Yandex.Browser has launched a reading mode that cleans pages from unnecessary elements

17 April 2017
Surely many people have experienced the inconvenience of reading news or other texts on various sites on the Internet. The abundance of unnecessary elements on the pages makes viewing the content of interest difficult or, at least, less comfortable. Recently, due to the increasingly brazen display of advertising, this problem is even more acute. Therefore, the developers of Yandex.Browser introduced in their creation of a special reading mode, allowing you to instantly clear the desired page from everything unnecessary.By activating this mode, the user can concentrate on reading the text of interest and forget about the advertising blocks, all sorts of panels and controls. In addition, more comfortable reading will contribute to increasing the font size.It's worth to add that the user is given the opportunity to choose a font and change the background color, which is especially useful when working online in the dark. The new reading mode is available in Yandex.Browser for all platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. At the same time, users of the latter also have access to additional features to reduce the strain on the eyes and save nerves. Perhaps the most noteworthy of them are the word-forwarding feature and an add-on for night mode.