Viber now allows you to watch YouTube videos directly in the chat window

14 April 2017
Networking is often not limited to exchanging text messages. Sometimes interlocutors send each other photos, make voice or video calls, as well as share interesting videos from the Internet. Therefore, the developers of Viber have implemented in their messenger the ability to view videos from YouTube without leaving the chat.After installing the update, in the chat window you will see a thumbnail and the title of the sent video from YouTube. When you click on it, a small floating window will open that will be displayed on top of the chat. You can maximize it, move it, or close it, if you want. Of course you can pause the video and continue watching it later. These are not all the innovations that Viber has got. With the latest update, the developers have slightly changed the status of "Online". Now under the user's name will be displayed information about the last time he was online. New features are already available for everyone, and to try them out in practice, you only need to install the current version of Viber.