Stories on Snapchat lost for the first time in popularity to their own copy on Instagram

14 April 2017
Despite the fact that at the mention of Instagram many people think of endless selfies and food photos, the service offers quite an interesting set of features for creating and publishing pictures. One of the main ones is a copy of the "Stories" function from Snapchat. According to the latest data, the corresponding section at the photo service, owned by Facebook, recently proved to be even more popular than its creators.Recall that Stories was copied to the photo service from Snapchat back in August last year. At that time, the function of publishing disappearing messages had just begun to gain popularity, but now the audience of the corresponding section in Instagram is already more than 200 million people a day. The last report from Snapchat was not consoling: the daily audience of the service was only 158 million users. Such high popularity of Stories in Instagram is a good sign for the users of the service: the developers will surely continue to improve such a popular section. But those who prefer Snapchat shouldn't get upset either: healthy competition won't hurt Snap Inc. and will probably be a good motivation to introduce new features or fix bugs that Android Snapchat users have been complaining about for quite some time.