Support for AC-3 codec returned to MX Player for Android

13 April 2017
Surely, many users of Android gadgets have had time to try the MX Player. And this is not surprising, because it differs from most competitors with support for almost all video formats. However, in 2014, the pleasure of using it was noticeably overshadowed by the forced rejection of the AC-3 codec, which caused the inability to watch some videos with sound. Now, support for this codec has officially returned to the player.Dolby Digital's last patent for AC-3 expired on March 20 of this year. Work on returning support for the codec to the popular player began the same day. And now, the development team announced on the XDA forum that AC-3 is finally available again in MX Player. This means that now you can forget about the error "This audio format (AC3) is not supported" and the need to download third-party codecs to fix it. It is reported that in MX Player version 1.8.17, as well as in MX Player Pro 1.8.16, there is already support for AC-3 codec. Those who already have the current version of the player, you simply need to run it when you have access to the Internet and the configuration will be updated automatically. After that, playback with sound will not only local files, but also streaming video from the Internet.