Yandex.Taxi users complain about changes in the cost of travel depending on the price category of their smartphones

30 May 2017
Surely many smartphone owners have already used various cab ordering apps, such as Uber, Gett or Yandex.Taxi. Users of the latter service have begun to note oddities in the calculation of the cost of rides. And one of them - Svetlana Yavorskaya - even shared her suspicions on Facebook.According to Yavorskaya's observation, the cost of travel in the service of "Yandex" increases when paying by card, which makes travel with cash payment noticeably more favorable. In addition, after comparing the cost of travel on the same route with a friend, it turned out that the price of a trip on an older model iPhone was lower by almost 100 rubles. The experiments didn't end there. As it turned out, the price was different in a similar test on four gadgets at once. The company "Yandex" has already responded to the information circulating in the network about the calculation of the cost of travel. According to Vladimir Isaev - the head of the press service of "Yandex.Taxi", neither the model of the gadget, nor the user's income level can affect the price of the trip in any way. When calculating it, information about the number of free cars nearby and the presence of traffic jams in the city are taken into account. In large cities, these data can change quickly enough, which could cause differences in the cost of travel on the same route. In addition, according to the company, "Yandex.Taxi" is now testing a new algorithm, which in some cases can make a "discount" for some users. To do this, the frequency of use of the service is taken into account, and information about the traffic situation and the availability of cars is analyzed, which may also cause some difference in the cost of rides.