ICQ users finally have the ability to make group video calls

27 June 2017
Many of those who began to actively use the Internet in the late 90's or in the 2000s, probably caught the golden years of ICQ. Back then, almost everyone used this program to communicate with family, friends or colleagues. However, with the proliferation of social networks and modern instant messengers, the instant messenger began to be forgotten, despite the rather large number of useful features. By the way, recently their number has been increased by another very popular function.In the latest update, ICQ messenger has learned to create a group call. In this case, the new feature works with both voice and video calls. Participation in such a conversation may include up to four people. Despite the fact that the creation of group conversations is still only available to users of ICQ for Windows and macOS, you can join existing conversations using the mobile version of the application. The new feature is already available to everyone. To try it out, you must install the current version of ICQ on your computer.