"Yandex.Taxi will offer convenient points to call a car

27 June 2017
Calling a car with the help of "Yandex.Taxi" has become even more convenient. Now, the program will give the user the opportunity to choose the most convenient landing point.To determine such points, "Yandex" experts analyzed the routes of trips made in recent months. By collecting information about the most frequent boarding points, the most convenient locations were determined, equally suitable for both passengers and drivers. Thus, the customer will be able to wait for a car right outside the building, and the driver will not have to wander through the nearest courtyards in search of a passenger. Convenient places for boarding will now be displayed on the map as blue dots. Of course, the new feature does not imply the appearance of such marks near every building in the city. They are located mainly near the exits of shopping centers, subway stations, train stations, airports, not far from residential complexes or transport hubs, as well as in other places where there is a complicated traffic organization scheme. It is worth adding that the new feature is only available to "Yandex.Taxi" users from Moscow and only on iOS gadgets. Soon the owners of Android devices will be able to try it out, but the implementation of the innovation in other Russian cities will have to wait a little longer.