Instagram now allows you to post recordings of your broadcasts as stories

26 June 2017
Many people probably remember that last year Instagram introduced the function of creating live broadcasts. However, unlike its competitors - for example, Facebook Live and Periscope - it was impossible to save the recording until now. Finally, the developers of the social network have corrected this injustice.Now, when the broadcast ends, users will see a "Share" button. After clicking on it, the video recording will automatically be saved as a history. This means that subscribers who missed the broadcast can watch it later - within 24 hours. At the same time, in order to distinguish the record from ordinary stories, the developers have added a small symbol similar to the YouTube logo on their icons. Because video broadcasts can be quite long, Instagram developers have taken care of the rewind function. If you press on the right or left side of the screen - the playback will move forward or backward by 15 seconds, depending on the selected side of the gadget. And by clicking on the arrow at the top - you can switch between recordings in case several of them have been published. Everyone can try out the innovation. To do this, you need to install the current version of the Instagram application on your gadget.