Another marketplace for ordering goods from China has appeared

30 October 2017
Good news for fans of ordering various goods from China. Mail.Ru Group began open beta testing of its own trading platform, which should compete with AliExpress and ebay.The trading platform is called Pandao. With its help, users will be able to order a variety of products from a wide list of categories. Among them will be found as clothes, car accessories and computer equipment, as well as mobile gadgets and even furniture. Search for specific products in an extensive catalog provides convenient filters. Pay for selected items will be possible with a ruble bank card. In this case, for each purchase will be awarded points that can be used to pay for full or partial cost of future purchases. Expected delivery time of orders to the recipient is 10-45 days. As for its cost, it will depend on the chosen method of sending - "Russian Post" or a courier service. However, in most cases, delivery will be free. It is worth adding that a lot of attention is paid to the protection of the buyer. The service constantly monitors the activities of sellers, as well as involved in resolving disputes about the quality of products, delivery and payment for goods. If you have any questions, you can contact the support service in a convenient round-the-clock Russian-language chat. It is reported that only verified and approved sellers will be able to get to Pandao. In addition, customers will be able to share their experience in purchasing from certain sellers with the help of reviews. Everyone can already try out the new trading platform Pandao. Both web-version of the service and mobile applications for Android and iOS are available to users.