WhatsApp now allows you to delete sent messages

30 October 2017
Good news for fans of chatting on WhatsApp. There are cases when an embarrassing typo creeps into the text, or a message is accidentally sent to the wrong chat room. Previously, in such cases, you could get into an embarrassing situation, but now such messages can be easily deleted after sending. It is very easy to do this. To do this, simply click on the message and hold your finger, and then select the method of deletion. In the case that all the interlocutors use the latest version of WhatsApp, the deletion will be carried out in all recipients. Otherwise, the text will be deleted only from the sender. If the deletion is successful, the message text will be replaced by "This message has been deleted". On the other hand, the program does not provide any notification of failure. Moreover, the recipient, with a certain degree of probability, may have time to read the message before it is deleted. The new feature is already available to everyone who wants to try it. In order to try it out in practice, you need to install the current version of WhatsApp for Android or iOS on your gadget.