A smartphone with an E Ink color screen is introduced

09 January 2020

Consumer Electronic Show 2020 continues to amaze us with new products. The Chinese company Hisense got its moment of glory. It announced a prototype of an unusual phone.

Image from techgenyz.com

The device is equipped with an e-ink display. What's impressive is that the panel is in color. Forget boring grayscale displays. That's all changed now.

Color in E Ink is not a revelation. Readers use similar solutions. But it is the first time for smartphones. Hisense believes that the time has come.

This is what the developers from the Celestial Empire claim. The Hisense display has a higher refresh rate. This improves picture perception.

Image from egirisim.com

However, there are nuances. Production of these E Ink has not started. Production will not begin until Q2. Gadgets based on them will appear closer to the end of 2020.

There is no other information about the product. Hisense hides technical details. Nothing is known about the specifications. With the price - a similar story.