Super Retro Champ, a hybrid of Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo

09 January 2020

There's a lot to see at CES 2020. The show in Las Vegas gave a surprise to fans of retro. The event featured the Super Retro Champ console.

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What is this wonder of technology? Super Retro Champ is a gift for fans of gaming consoles of the past. Specifically, the 16-bit Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo. They are no longer relevant 30 years ago.

The gadget is able to run the original cartridges. Still have those in your collection? Said allows you to do without the emulator. You can enjoy old hits for 5 hours without recharging.

Alas, you can not download games directly on the Super Retro Champ. And how? No USB port, no microSD support. Classic in its purest form. Almost.

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The device is built to modern standards. For example, it comes with wireless gamepads. Images are output to the external display via HDMI.

Cartridges are inserted each in its own slot. There are two of the latter on board: one for Sega Mega Drive, the other for Super Nintendo. Controls are built into the case. There are 4 buttons, bumpers and a crossbar.

Unfortunately, the developers do not talk about the "stuffing". Super Retro Champ will not be released immediately. It will be released before the end of the year. The price is moderate - $110.