Wavee, a toothbrush for music lovers, introduced

17 November 2019

Brushing your teeth is healthy - no doubt about it. However, it is monotonous and boring. Wavee has a way to add to the fun. It has announced an unusual gadget.

We are talking about the electric toothbrush Wavee. It will be a joy for anyone who loves music. What is the gimmick? In the stand, which comes with the novelty.

The aforementioned docking station is a speaker in disguise. Wireless. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0. It also claims to support Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

Can't Wavee be damaged by water? The device is IPX 5 protected against moisture. We should also mention the long-lasting battery. The battery lasts for 25 days of economical use.

Image from geeky-gadgets.com

Does the Wavee do what it's supposed to do? Does it clean well? Yes, thanks to its 48,000 RPM vibration motor. There is no special noise. The product is quiet.

Pre-orders are being taken on Kickstarter. Deliveries will start next February. The approximate price is $150.

Would you buy such a miracle? Share your impressions in the comments.