Xiaomi will soon release a new reader

17 November 2019

Mijia, one of Xiaomi's brands, is preparing something interesting. Sketches of a reader with an E Ink screen have been published. We are talking about a book based on e-paper.

Image from gizchina.com

Note the display. It's touch-sensitive, if the pictures are to be believed. There are no physical buttons (other than the power key). The device is controlled with your fingers - like a tablet.

Alas, the frames are not thin. They are surprisingly wide. What is the diagonal of the gadget? Probably six inches - like Amazon Kindle. The devices are even similar in appearance.

The nuances are frustrating. The traditional 3.5 mm audio output is not visible. Where do I plug my headphones? It is possible that a wireless Bluetooth headset will be required.

Image from wx2.sinaimg.cn

Unfortunately, other details are scarce. Only the date of the full-fledged announcement is known. The presentation is scheduled for November 20 this year. The price is being concealed.

However, the device will not be expensive. It will debut on the Mijia crowdfunding platform. Xiaomi is not asking much for such things. Would you like to buy it when it comes out? Share your plans in the comments.