ThinkPad X1 - a flexible laptop from Lenovo

19 November 2019

Everyone is used to foldable smartphones. Many people are not surprised by gadgets that can be bent. However, Lenovo has gone further. The Chinese company introduced an unusual laptop.

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The name of the laptop is ThinkPad X1. It consists entirely of a flexible OLED screen. The keyboard is touch-sensitive. It is displayed on one of the "halves" of the display.

ThinkPad X1 can turn into a tablet if you want. It is enough to unfold it completely. However, there are questions to the design. Some points the developers are hiding.

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The device was announced at Lenovo Tech World 2019. Immediately it became clear the following - ThinkPad X1 does not bend all the way. The creators avoid doing it publicly.

Probably the product is not ready yet. It is possible that Lenovo has shown a prototype. Whether ThinkPad X1 will become a real product - no one knows. Let's wait and see.

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Specifications are also a mystery. Only the diagonal of the device is known - 13.3inches. In addition, it is reported about the Intel processor and the weight of 900 grams. There is no other information.

Approximate release date - 2020. About the price is left to guess. How much would you give for the device? Write in the comments.