Opera Max, an app for saving traffic, is ceasing to exist

15 August 2017
In February 2014, the Opera Max application was released. The product, developed by the creators of one of the most popular browsers, was designed to compress and reduce traffic consumption in mobile networks. After a rather serious period of constant development and stable work for the benefit of users, the service was unexpectedly closed.Opera representatives explain their decision by the desire to focus on the work on their main product - the browser with the same name, and, perhaps, to allocate resources for creating new services. In their opinion, Opera Max is too different from the main products of the company, and therefore it is simply inexpedient to maintain the application's work. According to the official blog of the company, Opera Max has already been removed from the official Google Play store. Nevertheless, many people may have noticed that they can still use the installed version of the application. Opera representatives said that Opera Max will be available for existing users for some more time. We will be informed additionally about the discontinuation of the server part of the system.