Samsung Pay app has gained support for club cards

07 September 2017

Good news for users of Samsung gadgets. The company has expanded the capabilities of its payment service, which can now be used not only to pay, but also to receive discounts and bonuses.

Service Samsung Pay learned to work with club cards. In this case, you can add to the appropriate application as a card with a barcode, as well as with a regular number. It is very easy to do this. It is enough just to scan the barcode. Also, you can enter the number of the card manually. In this case the program will allow to give each of them their own name, add an image or a comment.

Presenting the club card with the help of Samsung Pay is also very easy. To do this, it is enough to swipe the screen from bottom to top and touch the image of the desired card. After this, on the screen of the gadget there will be a barcode, which the cashier will be able to scan directly from the screen of the device.

It is worth adding that the innovation is available for the users of compatible devices from Samsung Galaxy in Russia. Everybody can try the innovation. To do this, it is enough to install the current version of the Samsung Pay application.