Novikombank launched a service for safe transfers using Mir cards

06 September 2017
Bank cards of the national payment system "Mir" have become even safer. The fact is that Novikombank, the backbone bank of Rostec State Corporation, has launched the Mir Accept service designed to protect payments on the Internet.It is reported that the new service is based on the same technology used to protect Visa and MasterCard - 3D Secure. It means that in order to pay for goods and services on the Internet, there is additional cardholder authentication. For this purpose, an SMS with a one-time password required to carry out the transaction is sent to the cardholder's cell phone number. This makes it possible to secure the funds in the bank customer's account if the card is lost or its data is compromised. Recall that the first Mir cards were issued back in December 2015. Since then, the number of member banks of the national payment system has increased, as well as the transfer of state employees and pensioners to domestic cards was launched. Thus, by the middle of August this year, the number of issued cards "Mir" reached 15.5 million pieces. Of course, the creation of payment protection technology on the Internet in such a case was, in fact, a matter of time. It is worth adding that online stores and sites that support payments through the Mir Accept technology can be recognized by the presence of the service's logo on them.