Opera Mini browser for iOS has an updated design and a number of improvements

06 September 2017
Opera developers have prepared a pleasant surprise for iPhone owners. Popular mobile browser for iOS has now become even more convenient and faster, as well as acquired a number of interesting features.First of all, it is worth noting the redesign, which the browser has undergone. The Opera Mini search bar is now in its signature red color. Besides, now it allows scanning QR codes without using side applications. Many users will also like the new possibility to change the search system by themselves. According to the developers' observations, Opera Mini is more often used to search information in the Internet, as well as to read news. That is why the next innovation was to accelerate and simplify access to the latest news. This was made possible by displaying current news in the top of the home page. At the same time, a special technology based on artificial intelligence will suggest the most suitable articles for each user. This means that the more news is read - the more accurate the AI suggestions will be. However, users from Russia will be able to take advantage of the AI a little later: at the moment, this feature is only available in Ghana, Indonesia, India, Kenya, Nigeria, the United States, Tanzania and South Africa. In addition, the developers claim to have achieved a significant increase in the efficiency of Opera Mini. According to them, loading speed of full versions of pages with news has increased on average four times, compared with the previous version of the browser. And for those who want to stay informed about the latest news from around the world, there is an opportunity to select the countries and categories of interest. To do this, you only need to swipe the express bar with your finger to the left and click on the icon with the "+" sign. Of course, this is not all the changes that have occurred with Opera Mini for Apple gadgets. Everyone can get acquainted with them independently. To do this, simply install the new version of the browser on your mobile device.