Oppo smartphones will soon return to the Russian market

05 September 2017
Surely many people remember the attempt by the Chinese company Oppo to bring its gadgets to the Russian market in 2013. However, potential buyers were either intimidated by the little-known brand, or confused by the name, which sounds familiar to the Russian ear. In this connection, the company curtailed sales in our country. Now, it has become known about Oppo's second attempt to enter the Russian mobile device market.It is interesting that in its home country, at the time of leaving the Russian market, the Chinese company ranked fourth in terms of smartphone sales. And at the beginning of this year, Oppo came in second place in mobile gadget shipments in China, behind only Huawei. Despite the low level of sales in the past, the company's management believes that the Russian market is very large and promising. However, it is likely that Oppo will return to our country cautiously and will start with a small range of gadgets. It is already known that M.Video, Euroset, MTS with its own retail network Russian Telephone Company, and Svyaznoy are in talks with Oppo about the distribution of smartphones. It is possible that the list of official retailers will be increased or reduced closer to the launch of sales in Russia, which will take place closer to the end of 2017.