New version of Telegram has improved mentions, invitations and stickers

05 September 2017
A new version of one of the most popular messengers, Telegram, has been released. The program has acquired a number of useful and pleasant innovations, which will especially appeal to those who like to communicate with a large number of interlocutors.Important changes have occurred with the mentions. For the first time, this feature was introduced back in 2015. Back then, the maximum size of group chats was 200 users, while now it has reached 10,000. In such large-scale conversations, it became very difficult to keep track of all responses. To this end, the new version of the messenger will notify of all mentions using the "@" icon. It can be found directly in the list of chats. If you click on the icon, the user will be able to see all responses or mentions in the correspondence, and as soon as they are over - "@" will disappear from the screen.Another interesting innovation is the ability to mark individual stickers as "favorite". However, not everyone can use this function. The thing is that it is only available to users who have more than five sets of stickers. Apparently, the developers reasonably decided that everyone else does not need this feature. Once you add certain stickers to your "favorites" list, you can get instant access to them from the top of the stickers panel, in the section with the star image.And users communicating in groups with more than 100 members will get another pleasant surprise. The fact is that now in such chats you can select a single set of stickers for all interlocutors. This will help simplify their use in the group chat and get rid of the need to add them to their panels. Another interesting innovation affects the function of the invitation of users. Now, under the name of a person in the contact list, you can see the number of his friends who are already communicating in Telegram. Of course, this is not all the changes and improvements of the popular messenger. Everyone can familiarize themselves with them independently. To do this, simply install the updated version of Telegram on your gadget.