Huawei removed EMUI shell images for all its gadgets from the official site

04 September 2017
Sad news for Huawei gadget users. The company's specialists decided to refuse the release and further support of EMUI images, which previously allowed for manual updates. Now, new versions of the branded shell will be installed exclusively "by air".When trying to enter the official website to download the EMUI image, users will see a message stating the changes that have occurred. Thus, now Huawei will provide only the ability to update the shell online and download the ROM-file from official sources will be impossible. Information about the discovery was first shared by an XDA community user under the nickname RedSkull23. Of course, according to the company representatives, such changes should make the update process more convenient for owners of smartphones and tablets from Huawei, but in fact the situation may be completely opposite.Despite the fact that the site is still working, all you can do on it is to see the list of Huawei gadgets. Trying to go to the download page of the shell image, the user will see a blank page with an image of the device. Thus, lucky owners of Huawei smartphones or tablets will either have to wait for a notification about the available EMUI update, or look for the image to install on their own on third-party sites.