WhatsApp for Windows Phone's media sharing capabilities are more extensive than on competing operating systems

04 September 2017
Surely many people no longer seriously consider gadgets running a mobile operating system from Microsoft. Nevertheless, developers are in no hurry to abandon support for this platform and release, often, very interesting updates and introduce useful features in their products. So now, WhatsApp for Windows Phone has surpassed the messenger versions for other mobile operating systems in some respects, thanks to one innovation.We're talking about the introduction of support for a new server multimedia protocol - MultiMedia Server Protocol (MMSP). It was developed by Microsoft and is designed to improve video and audio quality when streaming, as well as to reduce the number of failures when trying to transfer data. Not so long ago, support for this protocol appeared in the iOS and Android versions of WhatsApp. However, the owners of gadgets from Apple will only be able to use its advantages for the transfer of video, GIF-animations and documents. Things are a little worse with Android. On this OS, MMSP is still only used to transfer documents and animations. The developers have recently begun testing the use of a new protocol for voice messages, but then just as quickly ended it. We can only hope that for a short time. As for mobile devices running Windows Phone, their users will be able to fully experience the benefits of MultiMedia Server Protocol. The fact is that WhatsApp on this operating system now uses a new protocol for the exchange of any media data - images, GIF-animations, videos, audio files, voice messages and various documents. Of course, the transition to MMSP will not affect the confidentiality of correspondence: any transmitted data remains protected by end-to-end encryption. Everyone can try the innovation. To do this, you only need to download the current version of WhatsApp on your gadget.