Yandex.Zdorovie" app now allows you to book medications

08 August 2017
Surely many people have heard about the launch by Yandex of a service for receiving consultations from doctors online. However, it could only be used by residents of Moscow and the near suburbs of Moscow. Now the "Yandex.Zdorovie" service has acquired a function which users from all over Russia will be able to appreciate.A new section called "Medicines" has appeared in the "Yandex.Zdorovie" application. As it is easy to guess, in it you can find information about almost all medicines. Most importantly, you can also find out the cost of the medication, check availability and even order delivery to the nearest pharmacy. At the moment, the catalog has more than 13 thousand items of medicines, as well as products for health and beauty. It is reported that delivery can be made to more than 14 thousand pharmacies across Russia. However, to do this, two conditions must be met. Firstly, the pharmacy must work with the service "Zdravsity", through which occurs booking of drugs, and secondly, the order amount must be at least 500 rubles. The delivery is free of charge. Everyone can already try out the new feature. To do this, it is enough to install the current version of the Yandex.Zdorovie app for Android or iOS on your gadget.