VLC player officially unavailable for Huawei devices

26 July 2018
Recently, representatives of Huawei have been announcing more and more new features for the company's smartphones. However, the gadgets of the Chinese giant have acquired a very unpleasant limitation. We are talking about the inability to install one of the most popular players - VLC.Developers of the popular player - VLC, included Huawei smartphones in the blacklist. They explained their decision by the fact that the Chinese mobile manufacturer's proprietary shell - EMUI, does not allow third-party applications to work in the background. In order to increase the runtime of smartphones without charging, such programs are automatically closed. The developers of the player claim that this has caused a huge number of complaints from users of Huawei devices, dissatisfied with the inability to play music in the background, accompanied by the emergency shutdown of VLC. Of course, the forced shutdown of applications running in the background mode is not a problem for which no solution can be found. Despite this, VLC developers stated that they have failed to find a common language with Huawei representatives on this issue. As a consequence, not to provide users with a product, which works unstable, it was decided to block the player's download from the official application store for Android - Google Play. Fortunately for many owners of Huawei devices, we are talking only about new models of smartphones. In addition, nothing prevents you from downloading VLC from other sources and install it manually.