Software update solved the problem with Apple MacBook Pro overheating

26 July 2018

As we have previously reported, the performance of the new MacBook Pro suffers from cooling problems. Due to overheating and the subsequent trotting, the Cupertino giant's top laptop was slower than its predecessor last year. Then, Apple acknowledged the problem with the new MacBook Pro overheating and even released a software update that was supposed to fix the situation. Contrary to the expectations of skeptics, the software fix did solve the overheating problem.

The results of the test were shared by the same blogger who stated that there was a cooling problem. He checked the laptop's performance after installing the operating system update. The performance of the top MacBook Pro turned out to be the same as when it was running in the fridge before installing the update. This means that the patch really helped solve the overheating issues. The performance gain was more than 30%. At the same time, the CPU temperature during the test was kept at 88-90 degrees, versus 100 before installing the update, and its frequency - reached 2.9 GHz, versus 2.2 GHz.

During the test, the blogger compared the new MacBook Pro with other laptops with the same processor - Core-i9 8950HK, as well as with similar size and cooling systems. In addition, direct competitors of Apple took part in the comparison. As the test showed, the MacBook Pro was about the same level of performance as its competitors, but was somewhat quieter. Not surprisingly, gaming solutions left the Apple laptop far behind.

It seems that such a promptly released patch was able to fix the problem with overheating of the company's top laptop. We can only hope that the company will continue to keep its promises and continue to produce quality and stable products. And many competitors would do well to learn from Apple's promptness in fixing problems with their devices.