Samsung has created unbreakable OLED displays for smartphones

27 July 2018
Representatives of Samsung Display told about their new development. This time, we are talking about unbreakable displays.The company's new flexible OLED displays have been certified in the United States. It is reported that the new development by Samsung can now be used to create not only smartphones, but also other equipment, including military equipment. Testing the strength of the new development by Samsung Display was conducted by Underwriters Laboratories, a company specializing in standardization and certification in the field of safety technology in the U.S. During the tests, the displays were subjected to 26 drops onto hard surfaces from heights of 1.2 meters. Then, they were tested for their resistance to temperature fluctuations from 71 to -32 degrees Celsius. After all the tests, the displays continued to work normally and showed no signs of damage. Moreover, the researchers subjected the devices to an additional test, which was not required for certification - a series of drops from a height of 1.8 meters. Unfortunately, it is not yet known when smartphones and other devices with such "unbreakable" displays will be on sale. We can only hope that the wait is not long.