Confrontation between Apple and Qualcomm could lead to a ban on imports of iPhones in the U.S.

05 May 2017
Earlier this year, news spread around the world about the beginning of litigation between Apple and Qualcomm. At that time, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission accused the chip maker of using non-competitive business practices. This was immediately used by Apple, accusing the company in dereliction of duty to provide a discount of about $ 1 billion, as well as overpricing the products. Now the case has taken a new turn with Qualcomm filing a counterclaim.The fact is that according to the Bloomberg resource, Qualcomm intends to file a complaint to ITC (International Trade Commission) against Apple for patent infringement. Thus, the company intends to achieve a ban on imports of iPhone gadgets in the U.S.. Even with this, as well as the filed counterclaim for Apple's violation of agreements, representatives of Qualcomm express the hope to continue cooperation. We should add that Tim Cook - Apple CEO is confident that the trial promises to be long, but for his part, said that he is open to the settlement of this dispute. Unfortunately, more information has not yet been released. How the confrontation between Apple and Qualcomm will develop, as well as whether the chip maker will be able to get a ban on iPhone imports into the United States - we will find out a little later.