Giving gifts in Steam will become a little harder

05 May 2017
Many Steam users have probably purchased games at a discounted price on third-party sites. Basically, in this way are sold copies of games, bought up "as a gift" during the sales. Now it became known that Valve will begin to combat the gray market trade by making serious changes to the system of gifts in its service Steam.After the changes come into force, adding a gift to inventory or send by mail will be impossible. Instead, Steam will allow you to directly transfer the game to the recipient. Of course, you can do this immediately after purchase, or by setting the desired day, which will allow you to congratulate your friend on his birthday or other holidays. In this case, if by the time the recipient has already purchased the game for him, Steam will quickly return the money for it. Previously, after the rejection of the recipient, the gift was returned to the inventory of the buyer. It should be added that the specialists Valve prepared another unpleasant restriction. Now it will be much more difficult to send gifts to users from other countries. The fact that the gift will be able to send only to residents of regions where the purchased game is available and sold at the same price as the customer. If we believe the information, published on NeoGAF forum, the difference in price should not exceed 10%, otherwise Steam will not allow you to send the gift. Thus, to please your friends from other countries with the game purchased at a reduced price will be simply impossible, if their region has not launched a similar sale. Nevertheless, we expect that the innovation will cause difficulties only for collectors and traders of games from Steam in the gray market, while for ordinary users the new system of gifts exchange will not change much.