Google Allo will get support for incognito mode in group chats and a number of new features

04 May 2017
The relatively new messenger Google Allo may not be a full-fledged replacement for Hangouts, but it is still definitely noteworthy because of the set of features it offers. By the way, their number will be added in the near future, after the release of the next update.In his Twitter account, Amit Fulai, responsible for Google Allo and Duo, told about the new features that will appear in the messenger after the next update. Perhaps one of the most useful of them will be the ability to create backups of the history of correspondence. This will allow you to restore it after reinstalling Allo, resetting the gadget to factory settings or switching to a new smartphone. In addition, now when you receive any links, you'll be able to preview their content without even clicking on them. Another interesting innovation will be the introduction of incognito mode in group chats. So, for example, users will be able to set the lifetime for the sent messages, even while communicating in the group. The new features will be available to everyone in the near future. All those who want to try out the innovations among the first, we can only recommend to follow the updates Google Allo.