Gmail users encountered phishing emails disguised as Google Docs

04 May 2017
These days, phishing emails are no longer a surprise to anyone. However, it is one thing when it forces a hapless user to go to fake pages of certain sites, and quite another thing when it operates inside the mail service. That's exactly what happened with Gmail the other day.Google representatives warned about phishing emails from Gmail service, which has already affected a lot of users around the world. The thing is that the letter itself does not look too suspicious: it looks like an usual invitation to Google Docs and is often sent on behalf of a person the recipient of the letter knows personally. When clicking on the "Open in Docs" button, the user is prompted to allow the service access to his Google account. Of course, in case of confirmation, attackers gain access not only to emails and address book, but also to victim's accounts in third-party applications.Experts from Google have already taken measures necessary to protect users from phishing mailing. It is reported that the accounts of the perpetrators have been disabled and their pages have been deleted. In addition, the official Gmail application for Android has received an update, after installing which, users will receive warnings when trying to click on suspicious links from the letters. It remains only to add that despite the fact that at this time the threat has passed, too relaxed and fully rely on the vigilance of experts should not. No one can guarantee that cybercriminals will not develop new ways to get hold of unsuspecting users' personal data, so the best defense against their actions has been and remains simple caution, especially when visiting unfamiliar sites or receiving suspicious links.