New York developer automates Instagram account

23 April 2019

A developer from New York created a page on the popular social network Instagram. Its content is beautiful places in the city. The whole point is that the guy fully automated the account. His profile has already been subscribed to by about 25 thousand people. However, this number is constantly growing.

The developer wrote a special program that searches for pictures and videos on the Internet. It makes up captions and hashtags for posts and publishes them. The program also has a feature to filter out spam and subscribe to users. It automatically likes other people's photos and monitors incoming messages.

Разработчик из Нью-Йорка автоматизировал аккаунт в Instagram

The developer used the Python language as well as his knowledge of artificial intelligence.

In addition to all of the above, the program itself writes messages offering advertisements to restaurants. In exchange, it asks for a free lunch. The restaurants, in turn, agree. The developer has never entered the automated account.