News for developers: about social networks, YotaPhone and discrimination

23 April 2019

After the bombings in Sri Lanka, several social networks were blocked, including Facebook and Instagram. According to the government, it is these services that contain the most fake news. That is why it was decided to block these social networks. The decision was taken, among other things, in order not to sow panic among people, at least for the time of the investigation of the terrorist attacks. It is also reported that such news, which has nothing to do with the truth, incites hatred towards Muslims. The government says that when the perpetrators of the bombings in Sri Lanka are found, access to Facebook and Instagram will be restored.

Новости для разработчиков: про соцсети, YotaPhone и дискриминацию

Meanwhile,employees of Microsoft Corporation claim that the giant company discriminates against white men.

It is worth noting that Microsoft has previously been accused of a lack of diversity among professionals, later female employees told of sexual harassment against them.

This time, some employees said that Microsoft is overdoing it with diversity: recruiters get some sort of bonus if they don't hire white men and Asians.

Новости для разработчиков: про соцсети, YotaPhone и дискриминацию

Yota Devices is officially bankrupt.

Recall that Yota Devices is a Russian company that tried to enter Western markets with its YotaPhone smartphones. But the company did not succeed.

In this case, Yota Devices even received prizes for the interesting design of its devices.

It is worth noting that Yota had a lawsuit with Hi-P Electronics. The Russian company claimed that they disrupted the launch of YotaPhone in the United States. In turn, Hi-P said that Yota had something wrong with the payment of the minimum batch.

Новости для разработчиков: про соцсети, YotaPhone и дискриминацию

Now the likes may disappear from Instagram. Bloggers will not like it for sure.

The world-famous social network has tested a feature that could hide the number of likes under the photo. That is, it may happen that other users will not be able to see how many likes any post has gained. In the new version, only previews with photos of people who put "class" will be shown. However, the total number of likes will only be able to see the authors of the post.

Thus, Instagram wants to improve the quality of publications. The social network motivates users to take high-quality photos, not to chase the likes.

Новости для разработчиков: про соцсети, YotaPhone и дискриминацию

"Daughter" of Alphabet is working on the creation of signs for the city with information about video surveillance.

The company proceeded from the fact that now there are many surveillance cameras installed on the streets, but no one has any idea why they are needed or what information they collect.

Sidewalk Labs proposes to provide people with complete information about why the cameras are used and the company that installed them. At the signs, installed in the streets, there will be information whether the cameras collect confidential information. All the data will be available by QR code.

Новости для разработчиков: про соцсети, YotaPhone и дискриминацию