Developers taught artificial intelligence to generate memes and create music

29 April 2019

The site Imgflip, which publishes various funny pictures, has launched a meme generator. The invention is based on artificial intelligence. The user will need to choose from 48 images-templates, and a neural network will add text to the picture.

The artificial intelligence is able to create the meme itself. It does not use any basic phrases. However, there is one limitation - this is the maximum length of the text. It is done to ensure that the phrase fits completely into the picture. A special field where you can enter the name of the person you want to tease.

While the memes don't make much sense, but despite that they are funny. I wonder when AI will be able to write movie or TV scripts.

Разработчики научили искусственный интеллект генерировать мемы и создавать музыку

OpenAI has developed a machine learning model that creates its own based on the music of different artists. All the artificial intelligence has to do is listen to some tracks in different genres.

This AI is flexible: it can organically combine the classics and the works of modern musicians.

By the way, you can already try the development. To do this, you need to select the style, the introduction, the instruments and select the duration of the melody. In a minute, the system will compile and produce a finished track. It can be something completely original. For example, Lady Gaga's voice and the intro from "The Godfather," complete with guitar and piano.

It might seem as if the AI is using some incredible technology to create music, but it's not. In fact, the machine learning model remembers the sequence of notes and chords and combines them using the most appropriate pieces.