Yandex robot will find sites with pirated content

15 March 2019

The company has developed a tool that allows you to find sites that contain or may potentially contain pirated content. This is stated in the official report of "Yandex".

The company's press service reports that it became possible to develop such a tool after analyzing more than 100,000 links within the framework of the signed anti-piracy memorandum. It is assumed that a special database of illegal content transmitted by copyright holders will be created.

According to Yandex's financial and operational director, the first upload will go to partners and rights holders for verification very soon. It is believed that such actions will accelerate registry formation and make the fight against piracy more effective.


It is noted that the pages with such content may be several millions.

As for the Anti-Piracy Memorandum, it was signed on November 1 in Moscow by representatives of copyright holders and online companies, which include "Yandex". It implies the fight against illegal content. The register will be maintained by Roskomnadzor.

The memorandum is valid until September 1, 2019. After that, it is assumed that a law will be adopted on the basis of the signed document. Otherwise the memorandum will cease to be valid.