March 14 launched beta testing Android Q

14 March 2019

Just recently, Google launched a beta test of the new operating system. What updates are expected in Android Q?

Right now, only lucky owners of Pixel smartphones have access to Android Q Beta 1. According to some reports, the situation should change quickly.

Undoubtedly, the new OS will be better and more perfect. Let's consider those known updates, which are reported by Google.

So, the new operating system will allow users to control app access to location. User will be able to determine at what time this or that program will have access to its geolocation, or will not get at all.

Android Q will support the format of foldable devices. How this will look like in practice, is not known yet.

14 марта запущено бета-тестирование Android Q

The new OS will feature Sharing Shortcuts. With her to share content with other users will be faster and easier.

Android Q will allow developers to integrate into their applications quick access to important settings such as Wi-Fi, NFC, volume and others. This means there will be no need to exit the application and go to the settings panel to find the desired function.

Another plus of the system will be the ability to enable "Adaptive Wi-Fi". It will reduce latency and improve performance, which is important, for example, for some games.

A new mode for the camera - depth maps. It will make working with photos in various editors much easier.

Android Q will have one more useful feature - a mode for limiting the ability of applications at any time to expand the window to full screen from the background mode. The user will be able to prohibit it in the settings.