Rostelecom plans to continue developing the Sputnik search engine

14 December 2017
Surely many people remember that back in 2014 a new "Sputnik" was launched in Russia. However, in this case we are talking about the national state search engine from the company Rostelecom. During its existence, the project failed to achieve popularity among users and some expected its soon closure, but the management decided otherwise.Recall that in May of this year, the project "Sputnik" was considered a failure. The search engine's share of the Russian market was only about 1%. In this connection, rumors began to spread that Rostelecom would close the project or refocus it on other tasks. Finally, it became known that Sputnik would continue to develop. It is reported that Rostelecom plans to allocate as much as 260.4 million rubles for the development of the project. This amount will be spent on several tasks: improving the search quality, implementation of new features and development of the browser with the same name. We can only hope that the increased funding will help increase the popularity of Sputnik in Russia, although it is unlikely to help it successfully compete with such giants as Yandex and Google, whose shares in the Russian search market are about 57.4% and 38.3% respectively.