Samsung is designing a gadget with a flexible display

04 February 2019

An interesting gadget is being designed by Samsung. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, it is registered as a Display device, which means "a device with a display.

It is not yet known what kind of device is behind the rather lengthy name. However, it is clear from the illustrations that Samsung is working on a device with a flexible display.

The South Korean company describes only the design of the future gadget in a patent. There is no information about its technical characteristics yet. However, we can already imagine that Samsung is doing nothing more than a combination of a smartphone and a game console.

Гаджет с гибким дисплеем Самсунг

The gadget can be folded, with the screen closed - something like a cover. It is small and can fit in your pocket.

When it is open, it is a device with a big screen on which you can play, watch videos, or work.

We don't know yet when this development will see the light of day.

Samsung с гибким дисплеем