The "I don't like" button may disappear from the YouTube video hosting site

04 February 2019

Today, the developers of the world-famous video hosting site YouTube are thinking about removing the "unslick" button from the service. By clicking on it, users report that they don't like the video or that it wasn't useful. With the same button viewers expressed their negative attitude towards the information contained in the video.

Из TouTube может исчезнуть кнопка

What is the reason for this decision? The developers want to avoid possible spam and flash mobs when people united by their interests and intentionally decreased the video ratings. That did a lot of harm to YouTube channels and their creators.

Tom Leung, director of project management at YouTube, talked about some ideas that could be effective in this situation. The development team is thinking about possibly creating an option for content creators to activate and deactivate the "like" and "dislike" buttons.

Another idea is to offer viewers who want to "dislike" a video to take part in a survey about why they don't like it. That way content creators will understand why they didn't like the video, and that's quality feedback. Those who give "I don't like" to everything they see can simply not take the survey.

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The most radical solution is to remove the "dislike" button entirely, but Tom Leung doesn't think that's quite right. The issue is up for debate.