Samsung will release its own cryptocurrency

25 April 2019

However, it is not known yet when.

The cryptocurrency will be called Samsung Coin and will be based on Etherium.

A Korean source reports that Samsung is currently developing its blockchain, conducting real transactions with the cryptocurrency (mainnet). When the development is completed, the global company will be able to launch its own cryptocurrency - Samsung Coin.

Samsung выпустит свою криптовалюту

According to some reports, a division dealing with wireless technology is working on the creation of the blockchain. It is said that the development began back in 2018.

Samsung's blockchain is based on Etherium. But this does not surprise anyone: Samsung Galaxy S10 cryptocurrency wallet supports Ethereum and ERC tokens.

At the moment, the blockchain is being tested internally. The purpose for which it was created is not yet clear. Some sources close to the company tend to suggest that the technology will be used in the B2B segment. Later, perhaps, it will become public.

If the company decides to issue Samsung Coin, the cryptocurrency could be traded on the Codex exchange by all comers.

However, right now it is a little early to talk about the development of the Korean company's cryptocurrency. Judging by the rumors, the direction has not been fully determined, and therefore Samsung Coin is not worth waiting for in 2019.