Samsung patented technology to determine blood pressure with wearable gadgets

16 February 2018
These days, all kinds of gadgets have become reliable assistants, perhaps, in all areas of life. In this case, technology does not stand still and many companies are actively working on the development of new features for their devices. So this time, it became known about another Samsung patent for a very interesting technology.It is a technology that will allow to determine the blood pressure with a smartwatch or fitness tracker. This is a very interesting technology that will make it possible to determine the blood pressure through a smartwatch or fitness tracker, as it is being installed on the back of a gadget or a device with a light-sensitive sensor that works on the same principle as the already familiar heart rate monitors. It is noted that there is no question of constant monitoring of its state: the function will need to activate itself by pressing the device firmly to the hand. The sensor will receive information about blood pressure based on the intensity of scattered light. Unfortunately, the existence of a patent for the technology does not always mean that light will see its implementation. Nevertheless, the patent mentions a smart watch under the designation Samsung Gear X, equipped with the aforementioned sensor. Perhaps the announcement of the new gadget will take place in the near future.