Maps.Me service learned to build routes on the subway

25 December 2017
Good news for all users of Maps.Me. Map service, now owned by Mail.Ru Group, got support for the function of constructing routes on the subway.Thus, Maps.Me is the first mapping service in the world, which has support for offline navigation with intermediate point, taking into account the subway and light subway. The function can already be tried in 74 cities around the world. The innovation will help to build the fastest route, taking into account the pedestrian part of the way, as well as trips by subway or electric train. In order to use the novelty and build a complex route, you need to add an intermediate point. The route created in this way can have several sections of the way on transport and on foot. Another interesting innovation: the "What to do" function has been added to the official applications of the mapping service. With its help, users can find new and interesting places in their city, and tourists - the nearest attractions. When clicking on the appropriate button, Maps.Me will show restaurants, bars, cafes, as well as all kinds of interesting places and institutions, located within a radius of two kilometers from the user. But the most interesting thing is that this feature supports offline mode. And if you have access to the Internet, the program will offer suitable excursions and tours from the service Viator. Users of Apple gadgets will have an additional surprise. The new version of Maps.Me for iOS allows you to book hotel rooms with the help of To do this, you only need to specify the arrival and departure dates, and on the map will display all the options for accommodation, where on those days there are available rooms. Everyone can try the innovations. To do this, you only need to download the current version of the Maps.Me application for Android or iOS on your gadget.